Have you ever experienced Restless Mind Syndrome? Anxiety, Stress, Weight Issues, Post Traumatic Stress?

Do you feel that you abuse drugs, alcohol?

Are you on your path in life? 

Face Your Self® is a company for all ages dedicated to reducing stress through mindfulness. We are unique because we know that “It is up to you” and only you – to make the changes and adjustments you desire for your own life. We give the power and awareness back to you by teaching and sharing with you ancient, timeless wisdoms and tools that apply to your world today. Tools in how to balance, integrate and align your mind, body and home for your total health and wellbeing.  When you Face Your Self® you will be looking within and without yourself – working for the highest good of all.  It takes desire, work and constant mindfulness on your part but with our meditations, exercises and thoughts to remember you will develop an inner strength and joy that will stay with you for a lifetime..

Once you Face Your Self, you will live your life in Truth. For example, you will not say one thing and do another. Gossip, bullying, lying, selfishness and mixed motivations will become a thing of the past.

Once you Face Your Self, you will see clearly what is and what is not. You will recognize when you (and others) are not in touch with what is real.

Once you Face Your Self, you can never intentionally hurt another person in your life – including yourself.  You will develop great compassion and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are all one and you are special.

Once you Face Your Self, you will live your life with joy and inner peace. You will know true strength and power and creative genius.

Written by Pamela Laurence, Face Your Self®: Achieve Your True Potential is a hands-on, multi-dimensional approach to wellness, offering the foundational tools needed to transform and empower your mind, body, and home with the intention of helping you achieve your true potential.

This inspirational book is recommended for anyone going through difficulties and facing the stress of life, as well as for people inspiring to learn the necessary tools about how to get through life’s up’s and downs and live a life in truth. It is recommended for everyone – young and old alike.

By reading and working with this book, you will learn that the choices you make in life are always yours. It provides you many exercises, inspirations, retreat programs, and meditations that will inspire you back to your own joy. The Face Your Self® programs are all based upon this book.

When you know in your heart beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are love, you become joyous. You light the world as both a conduit and a magnet of this love, sending it out and receiving it like food for your being. You attract joy and healthy relationships and you can see clearly through all false realities and detect who is toxic very easily.

There is an eternal, mystical force that comes from outside yourself, it flows in through you.  You can feel It radiate out of you if you hold up your hands. This Force Field in the universe I call Love. It creates, heals (puts things in its right order), and never passes away. You Are Love; A Meditation focuses on this divine flowing love that can only be experienced when you personally open your heart and lose yourself.

Based on the book Face Your Self: Achieve Your True Potential, the  Face Your Self® program is tailored made to fit any group.

The Face Your Self® program will teach you how to align your mind, body, and home – to live in truth and to see what is and what is not.  We give you tools to use to you look at your life – the good – the bad and the ugly – with no judgment.  You will determine who you truly are and make the change or changes that you desire. It is up to you!

We offer support via Skype and e-mail for those who would like.

The Face Your Self® program and book is a perfect match for Colleges and Universities, where Pamela Laurence is an experienced speaker and course facilitator. Face Your Self is a proud member of NASPA  (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education). Benefits of the Face Your Self program for students and educators:

  • Enhances Student Growth by Inspiring and Empowering the Student.

  • Meets the Needs of the Whole Student: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

  • Useful for Both Counseling and Health Services

  • A Valuable Tool for Those Suffering with Anxiety, Depression, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders

  • Develops a Student’s Confidence, Leadership Abilities, Communication Skills, Respect and Mindfulness for All Walks of Life

  • State of the Art Programming to Assist in Student Retention

  • Useful for First-Year Experience and Orientation Break-Out Sessions

  • Promotes Wellness and Fitness for the Mind and Body

  • Opportunity to Explore Careers Consistent With a Student’s True Potential

  • Develops a Sense of Community Service and the Importance of Working Together

  • Effectively Offers All Students Reflective Time to Face Their Own Self. To Look At and Manage Disruptive and Disturbing Behaviors as well as reinforcing their true potential.

  • Useful in Coordination of Teamwork for: Counselors, Health and Wellness Advisors, Student Affairs Services, Faculty, Parents, and Students — All Those Who Work for Effective Student Development and Success.

  • Students Will Have More Focus and Deal With Every-Day Stress in a Healthy Manner.

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