Make the Dark Days of WinterYour Teacher

My body frozen from the dark winds of gloomy nights
Blowing over the icy waters to my soul.
Without the sun,
My heart beats to an irregular drum.

And then, a switch.

I see Beauty through my eyes.
The Sun shines brighter,
The night winds grow warmer.
The Frozen vibrations of my heart relax to song.

When hardship comes, as it does, when criticism happens, as you grapple with anger, fear and resentment, when limitations bind you, as irritations disturb your inner peace, surround yourself with Beauty, Faith, Love, and Trust. Use your home as a healing tool to rebalance and recharge your whole self: your soul, your mind, and your body. Do this for you and your family. Allow your surroundings to help raise your consciousness to a level of great spiritual wisdom and joy. Think: a new day, a new dawn, a new beginning – a new breath. What was yesterday is of that day and is now no more. Start again. And again… And again…if you need. No judgements, only new beginnings of hope and rebirth.

All our thoughts are creative. That is why using your home design – (feng shi) works so beautifully as a tool in balancing and healing those aspects of your life that you need help with in adjusting and changing your thoughts. For example, if you somehow believe that you are worthless, surround yourself with reminders ( inspiring art, a clean, organized room, wonderful bath towels…) that empower and reflect your ability to see yourself as a worthy human being. If you or someone you love is unhealthy, surround yourself with items that reflect health and vitality – not death and illness. Try photos where everyone is happy and healthy, a healthy plant or fresh flowers, inspiring sayings and crystals that reflect the health of the sun around your room into rainbows around your healthy home.

Start out your mission by letting go of broken up and useless things in your home that you do not like or things that do not function and are blocking the flow of Life Force to your being. Unless the item has special meaning for you, throw it out or give it away. Bless and release all that is of no use to you anymore and anything that does not feel good. Clean your palette, wipe the slate clean. Then, the Universe will fill in the gaps in your life with your healthy, intentional thoughts. The Universe does not like a void – the Universe is perfect, whole and complete – always mirroring for you your mind thinking. It is a law of the Universe.

Next, though you can do all of this in any order, with the slate clean, I recommend that you take some walks in Nature and give thanks. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your face, dip your toe, metaphorically into the waters of life. Allow yourself to relax and let go of trying to control the movement of the earth and the stars. Allow your true nature – the loving, trusting, compassionate human being you have always been to come forth. Take time to remember the “easy” you that is joyous and non fearful or manipulative. Be That now with thanks – letting go of all those thoughts you may have had that are suspicious and self made. Cry if you must, shout if you need to into a pillow – let all that bothers you out of your core being. The sun will burn it up – the earth will bury it – the winds will blow it away. It will help you heal.

Work with your 6 senses – yes, even that of your intuition! Look to what you see, what sounds you hear, what smells you inhale, and what you touch with your fingers, head and toes. Even savior each bite or sip you take with thankfulness. Make it all intentionally wonderful for you and your family.

To quote a great musician, Bob Marley, “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.” Winter days – even metaphoric winter days, pass in the natural course of things. See a life beyond your hardships – walk forth.

May you Face Your Self® and see your reflection around the world.
Hugs to us all.