Fixing Holes in Life – Holes in Home

© Pamela Laurence, July 2019

 There is Divine Power
An Everlasting Divine Presence
That flows in and through us all.
It is That which makes us glow,
 Feel whole,
Joyous and at ease.

Yet there are holes in us that remain – that grows and flows throughout our life if we are not aware. These holes activate and become larger with attachments and personal belief systems to acts, words, sights, smells, tastes and with self created imaginations and beliefs. These holes are the unseen cancers that take on a life of their own in us  – acting like the evil spirit, These cancerous beliefs radiate and develop that which is not real – yet seemingly becomes real in our bodies, mind and relationships all to the extent that we allow them.  They play a game of ping pong with others – back and forth these horrid balls of fears, anxieties, frustrations, angers, false beliefs-go on and on, back and forth it all goes – deepening the holes that take over the body and minds of a family – a town, a country – a world -with thick, sticky “stuff” that blocks and distorts the ever present, truthful, beautiful reality of Divine Presence that always rings with full resonance of Joy, clarity, peace, health and wholeness.  All just for the asking and awareness: –A fountain for all to drink.

In the Ancient Art and Science of Feng Shui, which is largely based on one of the Universal Principals: “As Without, So Within,” we find that those places that we go into day after day, week after week, year after year – affect the health and balance of our mind and body. It has nothing to do with whether you are rich or poor or young or old.  There are many levels and dimensions to true Feng Shui work  -but no matter what level or dimension you work with it, one should always, always work with its great powers with sincere desire for the highest good of all. – Not just for yourself. Everything effects and affects everything else – your good is my good.  For the purposes of this article, we will look to see where there may be holes both real and metaphorical in our homes and you will look to fill them.

Start by walking around your home and make a list of all that is broken, old, rusty, and generally does not look healthy to you.  Once you have a clear inventory all that needs to be repaired, begin to make a schedule as to how you will get it all fixed, painted or replaced – along with repair people to do the job.  Even if you take one item a month it will immediately begin to change your life for the better.

Next, let go of all that no longer serves you.  Declutter.  Things keep coming into your life but you must let go too – keep the flow of good flowing not blocked and impacted where you cannot breathe. This includes old clothes, bed linens that may be worn and need refreshing, things that you really do not need in storage – check your garage, basement and attic – as well as sheds and rooms that you never go into.  Let go, Let go, be not attached to anything!  You came into this life with nothing and you will leave with the same – even your body will be let go.  The only thing that you take with you is that spark of love that you are. That is what we are looking to reclaim while we are alive by filling and getting rid of our holes.

Keep in mind that the holes that I am talking about are not necessarily holes – I am talking about energies that deplete your vital life force.  Old pictures that may be of a hurtful, difficult time – put them away, give them away, or throw them away.

What do you want to bring into your life to make it whole?  I ask you to take time with this question.  Maybe it would be good to take some time with yourself and not to be too quick to replace the old with the “”same old different day” mentally – repeating your same mistakes or lifestyles that have not served you well.  You can live with an empty slate for a while – allow a “crack where the light can come in” to quote an old Leonard Cohen song.

Can we all become whole with no holes? It takes intentional work and daily awareness and intent.  We must inhale and exhale with a mindfulness – take time each day to tune into yourself – inhale joy – exhale gunk. Inhale beauty, exhale all that is toxic.  Allow yourself to feel the Divine Presence flowing through you and your home.

We must all disconnect from all that blocks true, healthy joy and peace.

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