3 Beltane

By Pamela Laurence ©

A quickening of my heart – 5:30 in the morning I awake and leap out of bed

It’s May 3rd the 2015 year marks the colander.

I do not know – yet – then I know

Sweet smiles bubble up within me

The birds are chirping and singing

I open the doors to the outside lake

Two swans – which I never saw before – are gliding peacefully upon the still waters heading due East right in front of me.

There is a chill in the air – I go back inside

And then, moved to go out again – I go

3 Beltane – my old address as a child – today’s date

Half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

A sweet, light rain – no more than a minute or two – blesses my head –

I am full of joy – and thankful – awe struck and gone – I am filled with Holy Spirit

The Sun rises over the mountainside and shines a blessed light show upon a sacred tree who hugs a blessed rock.

Beltane – 3 Beltane – I am home again!

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