Peace on Earth

Pamela Laurence

Peace is so simple that a flower in a field knows.

Peace is so easy that a starlight evening breeze whispers its call.

Peace is so light that a butterfly flies from Vermont to Mexico on delicate wings.

Though past hurts crust the heart,

Peace is not in the power of the fist,

Nor the word that is spoken with self-interest, vengeance, jealously or hate.

The Bravest – most natural of all – is the person who knows their true self:

One who is honest with his consciousness and all matters,

One who can regulate his mind and cultivate his personality.

A man who knows his truthful motivation can be honest with his family.

This well ordered family would grow to create a well-governed nation.

That nation will grow to say, “What is not acceptable to me, I will not do to others.”

Unless you have peace and contentment in your mind and heart you cannot have peace and contentment in your home.   So, how can you create a peaceful home where you feel love, joy, safe, supported, respected, inspired, strong and healthy – where you are fully in your body with your mind at ease, clear and aware of what truly is and what is just your own mind creating a image of what really is not?  One must not attach to anything – person, place or thing. Like the morning sunlit dew upon the flowers in the garden – one can only be with it – not own or possess …it all passes. Can you see people for who they truly are? Usually when one loves another they overlook flaws and when one dislikes another, rarely can goodness be ever seen.  Can you see what is and what is not?

Stop for a while from looking outside of yourself and look within – Face Your Self®.  Our world – our society does not promote this nor teach this approach in schools, government sciences or mass-market public relations.  But you, if you are to ever feel a natural peace and create a peaceful home, community, nation and world, must first be in harmony in your own body and mind. Are you at peace and joyous within your own mind and body? You might start out by asking yourself what are your true intentions and motives for the things that you say and do – and be honest with yourself.  Do you think,say and do certain things in private and then act another way in public? Recognize that your real home is within. The truth is that you are at home wherever you go.

Your home is a reflection of you.  If you are not “well” in some aspect of your life you can be sure that that will be reflected somewhere in your home either by intense clutter, disorganization, neglect, broken objects, and/or stagnant, dark – even sticky, icky air.  You know that when you exercise, shower, wash your hair, eat a healthy meal, and sleep a restful sleep you feel centered and strong.  Why not do a through inventory and cleaning of your entire home?  Fix what is broken and throw out or give away all that no longer serves any purpose in your life.  We all know, as in nature, change is constant – so if your life feels stuck, perhaps it is because you have been holding onto things, relationships or ideas that really do not work for you anymore.  Work from your heart – be sincere with yourself and others.  This time of year is a time to reflect upon the past and prepare for the future cycles of life.  Give joy and celebration to all that life has offered to you and give joy and celebration to the anticipation of all the good that life will bring you.  If you live sincerely, and do not fight nature, you will see that things flow in a natural order and you will be your natural self.

To aid you in your quest to cultivate peace, bring into your home that which feels in accord and healthy to you.  Think of a color or colors that feel good to you and buy some towels, sheets and even some clothes that will reflect to you only that which supports your true voice. If you live with others, find a special space in your home where you have your own privacy, ask that they respect that space as yours.  It is important that you are sincere with your self at all times and understand and recognize your own motivations, fears, guilts, prides, envies, and so on. It takes personal work in Facing Your Self –but, it is worth it. With love, understanding and courage to recognize your own self – inadequacies and all – you will easily begin to let go and live a natural life – one without pretense, jugdements and false faces. You will become quite light and joyous. And, once you Face Your Self®, you can no longer intentionally hurt another for you realize that your good is theirs and vice versa.

Celebrate this season as one with a vision of world peace.  Imagine each person on the planet – no matter who, what or where, from this moment on has Faced Their Own Self and radiates their total ease and joy of living their own virtuous life.  Imagine each life radiates out to all they meet in health, wealth, love, support, understanding and happiness. Where your mind goes so goes your world and your home.

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