If You Do Not Love Yourself – You Cannot Love Another

On this Valentine’s Day – or any day – begin with loving yourself. Look within yourself and do the work to find out why you say or do the things you do. Know and accept your own fears and doubts – for when you do, then you can make a change if you choose, Know your own true beauty and talents – not ones that are fleeting or made-up. Ask questions like: Why do you want to harm another or even yourself? Why do you want to create stories that are not real? Can you deal in commerce and relationships directly with another without lies, convoluted stories or greed? What is your Truth? What do you really want?? –Metaphorically, we all want a good deal on a bag of beads. We all want our relationships to love, respect and be fair with us. We all want to be loved for who we are.

The primary relationship is with your self. If you live in Truth, you will quite naturally attract to you healthy relationships (law of attraction). Love is at the core of everything. Human rights and social responsibility are our responsibility: Your responsibility – my responsibility. Living in Truth (there is only one Truth – not your truth and my truth –Truth can only be one) you cannot morally ever lie, cheat, steal or harm another again. Ask yourself: Who in reality are you hurting by lying or cheating?? Only yourself. You may be laughing out loud (LOL) but the joke is really on you. You may not feel it right away – you may feel that you are getting something over on another – you may feel stronger and more bloated with yourself – but the ultimate result with the dissipation of “that energy event” you sent forth, will come back to you with some equal energy event. This is a universal principle – call it a law of the Universe: cause and effect: – Every cause (action) has an equal and opposite effect (result). Some call it the law of Karma.

You cannot control all the people on the Earth – even those in your own family. You cannot make someone you are dealing with speak, relate and live in Mindfulness. All you can do is Face Your Self and live your life with Awareness and Truth and know that it will flow out to others all around the globe.

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