CVS Quits for Good

Mission, actions, and speech in alignment – how wonderful and easy to live, work and serve. You do not have to say one thing yet do another that is antagonistic or opposite your goals. As a company dedicated to health care CVS clearly sees that selling cigarettes and tobacco products – though very profitable – is not in alignment with their mission – health and beauty.

How wonderful if all companies – and people – lived their life admitting their real motives and actually with clear motives and designs did not live a life of lies and conflict. Here is a simple example: How can one say that they are against bullying and then pressure the car in front of them to move over by “getting

Inches” from their bumper? Is that not a type of bullying??

Here is another example: How can one say that guns don’t kill when in reality that is the only purpose of a gun – to kill. Of course, we all know that guns cannot animate themselves to run amok (though it would not surprise me with computer technology this too could happen). We all know that it takes a person to shoot a gun – therefore, the logic (?) goes that a gun – by itself does not kill. Mission, action, speech in alignment? You decide.

I congratulate CVS and I for one will certainly go out of my way to shop there to support their bold and brave and independently beautiful decision.

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