Landscaping Your Life

Jump for Joy

Toss everything you think you know

Up into the air and let it go.

Free yourself of all preconceived notions and potions.


Wake up your pagan passions.

Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Shake it – move it – have no care – you are free

What joy to be me.


You are only that you are me.

I am free to be the we

That I am

For I am that I Am in the garden of life.


We are one Consciousness

I am you and you are me.

In that we must come to see.

The rest is all silly.


The best things in life are free.  There are summer winds, magical moonlit evenings.  There are budding flowers and trees and nights filled with starlight.  Rainbows and birds singing along bubbling brooks and silent ponds create a quiet joy that costs not a cent.  Smiles on the faces you pass reflect the energy that you project – it is all free for those who see. But, are you one of the many millions of people who have let themselves become overextended in every direction  – money, tasks, schedules, work – to the point that you are missing the point of life (which is that there is no point – there is no race to the finish line)!?   Do you at times want to escape your life? Are you subject to the disease of “Affluenza” that has created stress and waste in your life?  If so, it is time to stop and get into a garden.


Create a Garden of Eden where you can begin again – garden where you can refresh and ground yourself.  Create a garden where you can get back in touch with your inner you – a garden where you can blend in and simply be that truth. Create a garden of vegetables and/or flowers and trees.  Use your imagination as you create that space that will heal and nourish your heart and soul.  I once had a teacher who told me, “Pamela, create the illusion – don’t become it.”  What that meant to me was to not attach. Life really is a dream – a dream that we create (for we truly are creators) and if we start to believe that the dream is real and attach, it can become a nightmare at times.


I advise that you start landscaping your life by taking an inventory of what feels right and what feels wrong for you at this moment in your life – life is always changing so just look at what is happening in your life at this moment in time. Then try to connect to the energies and feelings of that which you listed. For example, do you feel out of control  – that your life is on a career path of its own and you have no control over it?  If so, you may want to note that you need some grounding – some external “prop” that will mirror for you grounding.  A statue, a large stone or bolder, a dark green shrub – these are some of the items that you may want to place in your healing garden to support you when you feel that you are “loosing it.”


Let us say that you do not feel heard – either in your marriage, job, or with your children or friends.  You might first need clarity as to what it is you really want to say, so think perhaps of placing a clear reflecting pond where you can look undisturbed to gather your thoughts.  You may want to place lighting in dark corners to open up unspoken aspects of your voice. Create a path that is unencumbered that flows clearly and easily around the garden that supports a natural flow in your conversations. Remember: to be heard you must also listen.


If you feel physically ill place sweet smelling flowers and healthy looking plants that you can reflect upon and gather in their natural wholeness and goodness. Look at your life and see if you need to pull up some metaphoric old weeds, transplant and nourish a fresh landscape.  May your gardens be abundant, healthy and supportive for evermore.

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