Life is Never Ending.

Pamela Laurence

Through the ebbs and flows of the currents of life

At times I find myself tossed and turned.

“Go with the flow,” a voice says.

Letting go – wisdom is mine –

For in the life of one – many are birthed.

The seed remains in the innocent flower

Which becomes the golden fruit to fall into the earthen womb.

Upon which – the seed shall grow again.

In our homes we can have a sanctuary – a place that reflects who we are and who we want to become.  Our home can be a temple where honor and wisdom reign. Our homes mirror each and every one of us.  When you are not aware of this simple yet enormously powerful law, you miss out on one of the strongest tools available to healing and balancing your life.  Life is life – it ebbs and flows – yet it continues on – it always is – life – that current that runs through each and everyone of us – always was and always will be.

Aspects of existence touch us all.  Many of us deal with life’s existence in different ways: learned experiences, religious teachings, or Facing Your Self.  It is wise to become aware of what situations (causes) you may be generating, through your own thinking, speaking and actions, that will set off effects that you may not want to happen in your life – which will naturally then go on to create other causes where effects may begin to get out of hand.   Things that you think, say and do may be a cause to an effect or an effect from a cause.  You do the work and become aware. Remember:  Your home within you will always be that which you allow yourself to know. Your home is the essence of you – your being -ness – your joy – your love.

How can you use your physical home to support you in your journey through life? It is actually very easy and it is not about money or reconstruction – though both can be helpful if used with mindfulness.  Open up the pathways in your home.  Take a walk around your home from the front door to your kitchen, your living room, your den, your bedroom and your bathroom.  As you walk – be a “sensitive.”  That is, try to tune into your balance as you walk by pictures and items along your path.  See if there are any items that may give you a bad feeling or upset you some. See if there are any blockages or sharp angles or detours you must take to get around something that might not be placed in the most flowing way for your movement.  Look to remove items in your home that may not be needed or wanted any more and move furniture so your path is clean and easy to get around your home.

In my family we recently experienced two deaths -two people who lived good, long, happy lives.  Life and death touch us all – no matter how many fad diets you go on or how much plastic surgery you may have, we all will die and leave our bodies one day.  Our goal in life is to live a happy, inner calm life, with wisdom and joy. Life’s experiences: children, parents, up and downs, hurts and disappointments, anxiety and worries, tests and taxes, illness – we all experience these – yet some handle it better than others.  Why?  When you Face Your Self – no matter how your do it – you will have the tools to live life to the fullest.  But you can use your home to create beauty and health around you.  You can choose simple items such as dishes and towels to feel good.  When you are in your home – you should not need to feel overwhelmed by your home or put down by your home – if you do – then make some changes – life is now for you – what are you waiting for?  Move shoes away from your bedside view – put things away or give away – bring in fresh flowers and enjoy.

May you feel your blessings every day.

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